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Losing (and Finding) My Camera and Gaining 2016

Getting back to routine and work today is not something I am actually looking forward to. Having free mornings to read, think and write over the Holidays was luxurious. However, that time to think, read and write has sparked several ideas that will more than likely find their place here - or ignite the creation of something altogether new. Stay tuned. I think 2016 will be interesting.

My first image of 2016. Future short story fodder. More on that later... 

In the meantime, I've decided that leap year is a good year for a personal daily photo challenge. 2016's project 366 has begun - and it began without my camera gear. On New Year's Day I went to grab my camera to begin the project, and realized that it was missing. After a minor panic (it might have been more than minor) and help from Renee' - we were able to track it down to my Father-in-law's car in Tennessee.

Relieved - I've begun my project with my best camera (being the one I currently have in my posession) and am shooting with an iPhone 6. It's been fun to practice framing with this and I am semi-pleased with New Year shots. Be sure to follow the gallersy as it will grow daily throughout the year.

Welcome to the first workweek of 2016. I pray it will be a beautiful year.

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