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Measure the Wrong Things. Set the Wrong Goals.

I have a love/hate relationship with goals.


There was a day when goal-setting was a requirement of my parent-organization. There was a problem with much of the goal-setting in those days. We were measuring the wrong things. We set the wrong kind of goals.

I've been a bit gun shy since then. Particularly when it comes to talk of goals.

The problem with goals is not in the act of setting goals. The problem with goals comes when we measure the wrong things - thus set the wrong goals.

Work is changing for me. This week has been one of thinking well about the things I need to measure. Goals can only be set when this is understood.

In those days, I hated goals. They were arbitrary and not helpful.

Now it's different.

I decide what should be finished by this time next week, or next year. I must decide the incremental steps necessary to get there.

And I write them down.

That's goal setting, the way it ought to be. It's productivity at work.

And it's making all the difference in these transitory days.