Bernie Anderson


Strategic Creative Content


Hi there. My name is


Bernie Anderson. 

I can help you with your content. 

Messaging can be a tricky proposition. It's important to make sure you use the right words at the right time in order to get the right effect. 

Helping you succeed with strategic creative content is what I do. 

Wenigar aber besser (less, but better) is a key principle around which I'm designing my life.  I currently live in Greenville, SC with my wife of nearly 30 years, have two grown children, visited over 25 different countries, have a Masters degree in spirituality, lived in Central Asia for 8 years, and have a bulldog named "Ron Swanson"

Let's work together to create something great!  

Whether you need an overall content strategy or you need to create a sales funnel - or if you simply need a sales letter and some head shots - I can help with clear, consistent messaging

I have a long history of helping people. Of speaking about issues I believe to be important. Of helping others find their own voice to speak out - in the right place, at the right time. 

I can help you tell the story of your brand or business using

strategic creative content

With words, pictures, and a plan,  I will help you and your business grow and connect. 

 Email me.  Let's talk about it.