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Cranking the Weed Eater

The New Anderson Garden at Pebble Creek

The New Anderson Garden at Pebble Creek

The grass is long. The weeds are high, and the bushes need some serious pruning. The shutters are cracked and the fences need mending. It's time to do some house work on this little corner property of the Internet in my possession.

I've not been working my digital garden for the past several months. Like anything neglected, I have many excuses for my neglect. Most of those excuses have something to do with moving to Greenville from Mongolia and finding new work. I'll let the reader be the judge of whether that's sufficient (I use the word "reader" in its singular form with great intentionality).

However, that's all about to change.

Since we've moved to a condo that requires little to no outside work (of course, there's a lot to do inside but that ruins my analogy), I will be making the time to begin working in my virtual yard. So ... here's a quick update on the various areas of this website and what the master landscaping plan is going to look like:

The Photography Garden

The Photography Garden

Photography For what it's worth, my Project 365 photography project has continued. As of this exact moment, I am a couple of days behind in posting, but the photos have continued. Some days they continue only because I happen to have my iPhone in my pocket. However, I am happy to say that I'm less than 100 days of photos away from finishing the project. Not all of the photos are posted on this site, yet. Little by little they will be. I haven't figured out a way to auto-post from 500px or Flickr to a Squarespace gallery. But you can go to either of those locations to see the gallery. I have plans for a different sort of photography project next year.

But more on that later.

Writing So this is the area where the weeds of good intentions are perhaps the longest. I've started the mower. In fact, I've rented a tiller for this one.

Outside the World Relief Offices in Downtown Baltimore

Outside the World Relief Offices in Downtown Baltimore

There are a couple of subject areas that will be explored in this area. One is that of mission. After 21 years in church and mission work, I am now working for a wonderful organization called World Relief. There is so much to learn, so much to read, so many things about this world that we live in which are changing. My current plan is to reflect on these things, in light of mission and the Gospel, through writing. I work with some incredibly smart people (Check out a couple of World Relief leaders). Learning and processing all of this with various reflections on the subject of mission, the Biblical idea of justice, poverty alleviation and mission of word and deed are important subjects of consideration for me at this stage of life and work. This will be a weekly feature on the blog. I'm guessing there may be a grand total of 3 people who may occasionally read this. But those who know me, know that I process out loud. And that's what this will be: Processing out loud. On the Internet.

We intend to keep the travel theme here, as well. I am excited about the fact that Renee' and I will be heading to NYC over thanksgiving. I will be traveling to Africa for work sometime after the beginning of next year. Who knows where we'll be heading after that. Travel journalism and photography are in the works.

There will also be experiments in fiction. I have some short stories written in draft form. I may post them here, as well.


Bottom line here is the fact that there will be a schedule and the schedule will be followed. Once I determine what that will be, I'll pass it along to you, reader. Gotta stay accountable, you know.

Food We have a kitchen. The "Eat" portion of this site is about to get ramped up. We've joined a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and I'm excited about some of the cool things that my culinary brilliant wife is going to come up with (Of course, she's brilliant in many other ways. I'm hoping she will eventually be posting some of her writing here, as well).

So, there you have it. This little creativity project is getting some major landscaping.

Crank the weed eater.

Hope you enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, feel free to share.

Have a great week!