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Mysterium Fidei and Sanity

There are some songs we sing in church that I get. Others not so much.

I had heard the song "Mystery" by Charlie Hall prior to when we sang it in church recently. However, I had never paid all that much attention to it before, which is a little surprising because I do like a lot of Charlie Hall's music.

When the worship leader at Summitt church began to lead us in this song after the message, I must confess that I nearly rolled my eyes. I didn't care for the first line. In fact, the entire first movement of the song seemed a little melodramatic to me.

Jesus Christ my sanity
Jesus Christ my clarity
Jesus Christ

I suppose it's not untrue. Jesus is sanity and clarity for us. I am aware and conscious of that. It's truth. That said, it just seemed like an odd thing to sing about.

Then we sang the chorus.

Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ will come again

This is not an odd thing to sing about at all. In fact, the church has been singing these very words for literally two millenium. It is the Memorial Acclamation. In Orthodox tradition it is the Litergy of Saint James. In Roman tradition it is called Mysterium Fidei (The Mystery of Faith). I guess for evangelical Americans it's a Charlie Hall song. However, this truth is granite and bedrock and should absolutely be sung by the church.

In a period of transition and uncertainty, I am so grateful for truth that is ancient. Certian. Objective. Stable. So whether the contract for a condo falls through or not; whether or not I get called back for a third interview or receive a job offer; the things that are ultimately important, remain ultimately important. Eternally.

Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again.

In the end, I suppose that is indeed what keeps things sane, after all.

And the road goes ever on and on ... 

And the road goes ever on and on ... 

The Charlie Hall album where you can find the song "Mystery" is actually an album worth purchasing. Check out "The Bright Sadness" sometime when you have a chance...