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New Year. New Mercies. New Things.

2014 is in the books. At the time this is being posted, 2015 has globally begun.


2014 was a year of upheaval for us. We decided about this time last year that we would not be returning to Mongolia. It's been a year of deep pain and sorrow and a year of great joy. We had beautiful opportunities since then to travel to Prague and to Poland and reunite with family and friends in the US. We finally landed in Greenville, SC and lived in various places (our kid's apartment, a Bible School dorm room and a hotel) before finally purchasing a condo. In that process, I (Bernie) changed jobs, and in many ways careers. Renee' also began a new job. Our neighbor's condo caught fire. We've been moved to yet another Greenville home (an apartment complex) while our home is being renovated by the insurance company. That's where we finish 2014.

Whew. That paragraph just made me tired.

The reality is that we cannot complain. God is good. Jesus is on the throne. I look forward to grace. Always grace. Grace begets hope. So 2015 is looking good.

World Relief US Headquarters, Baltimore, MD

Last year, in the midst of our travels, I also did a photography "Project 365", which I will be finishing up here in a few days (I got a late start. Also, you can view the project in it's updated entirety on my 500px photo stream. I don't have this site updated at the time of this post). I will post a video summary of the year once I have all the photos (and take the time to put the video together). I have a couple of thoughts for creative enterprise in 2015.

  1. Project 15 This is an idea that I have for a practice and work with the specific genre of photo-journalism. There are many interesting stories to be told in unexpected places. In 2015 it is my goal to find 15 stories which can be told photographically. I will post 15 photos of each story, and have this completed by December 31, 2015. The albums will be posted on this site under photography. It seems like a fun and interesting project, and information will be posted here and on social media as the albums are published.
  2. 100 Strangers - Continued I am not abandoning this project. No, no - not at all. I only shot slightly less than a quarter of the goal for this one. However, I'm not setting a time constraint for this one. It would be great to finish this in 2015. If I don't, I'll finish in 2016. In any case, the"Stranger Street Portrait" gallerywill continue to grow.
  3. 100 Blog Posts 2015 is a year I will be focusing more on writing. That includes posting here, as well as working on some other articles, short stories, etc. that will be submitted to other locations. Now that I do have some flexibility with me schedule, my aim is to indeed produce more content. So, I am planning 2 posts per week on this site. I am going to shoot for a Monday and Friday posting rhythm. That seems to make sense on January 1st. However, there does remain some flexibility. I do not have any plans for any particular genre of writing at this point. Some of the typical fare that has been posted in the past can be expected: thoughts on missions, evangelism and the church, articles of a devotional nature, allegories, movie reviews. I do have a couple of short stories in process ā€” so there may also be some fiction, as well. Watch and see.
  4. Eat Did you know there's a page on this site that is dedicated to food? Yeah, not much on there right now. However, Renee' and I will be working together to see that increase. My hope is to make at least a monthly addition to our experiments in gastronomy.

From the Bucket List: Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC

So there you have it. 2015 is starting off in a slightly more settled capacity than the beginning of 2014. The future is a mystery at the beginning of every year.

Grace is ever the constant.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Mercies.

View from one of the many places we've lived this year.

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