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facing famine in southern africa: a pop song is not going solve this

The US media isn't talking about this.


But, I am certain that by the end of this calendar year, they will.

Southern Africa is facing a food shortage, and it's going to get bad for those who live in that part of the world.

El Nino has caused severe drought throughout southern Africa this year. There was deep concern back in January that the crops were going to fail.

They have indeed failed.

The drought is continuing. Coca-Cola has stopped bottling drinks in Namibia because of the drought's severity. The nation of Malawi is trying to purchase an unprecedented 1 million metric tons of corn, in an attempt to stave off this crisis, in a nation that's facing the results of crop failure for two year in a row. Last year it rained too much, causing massive flooding. This year, there's no rain at all.

The recurring cycles of drought and flooding has not just been in Malawi. Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Lesotho - and more are at risk.

And of course, this continues to be under-reported.

Famine is coming.

The repsonse will require more than a new pop-song at a live-Aid *concert.

The real *questions we should be asking fall along the lines of this one:

How can communities in Southern Africa be empowered to overcome the impending disaster?