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it's friday. this week's a wrap

It is Friday and my first week in the daily post experiement has ended. Hopefully someone has found these posts somewhat interesting - maybe informative and helpful.

I want to do a quick recap - before I take off for the weekend to do a missions conference and refugee workshop in Greenville, NC (I will refrain from calling that the "other Greenville" because that might come across the wrong way to North Carolina Greenvillians...)

HT: Naomi Lynn Photography - great work on the wedding photos!

The biggest news this week? My son is married and I now have a beautiful and charming daughter-in-law. The wedding was beautiful and couldn't be prouder of those two. It's been fun to see the occassional photo from the two of them having a fantastic time in Puerto Rico. I look forward to hugging their necks on Sunday. (And helping them to make some physical prints of their wedding/honeymoon photos.)

A couple of things that happened this week, which I didn't talk about on the daily post. The death of Morely Safer is worth mentioning. His ground-breaking report on violence and human rights violations during the Viet Nam war were both controversial and important. Some considered him un-American; some thought him a hero. Either way, his journalistic work was important, and has changed the way the public looked at how wars are fought. This tribute was interesting.

As of right now, no one knows much more about the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804. It has disappeared, and most likely crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. Bottom line - it's still a mystery. However, the New York Times is live reporting as more information is discovered.

Crop-dumping our peanut surplus in Haiti is a terrible idea - and should not be allowed to happen. Another article from the Institiute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti makes that clear.

Conflict in the Middle East is incredibly complex and without easy solutions. However, this doesn't mean Americans shouldn't engage - let's just engage in a way that helps and stop thinking the only solution is to "bomb the hell out of them." While we're on the Middle East - the US really does need to rethink it's weird relationship with Saudo Arabia. More on that here.

Another area of engagement: the coming famine in Southern Africa. This is fast approaching crisis point. We need to engage now, before the suffering and misery get's extreme.

Have a great weekend. I will be posting on Saturday and Sunday - but will probably be a little lighter subject matter.

Let me know your feedback in comments below.