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two-lane highways and I85

It was a working weekend. I'm fortunate I don't have too many of those. While it was long and a lot of work, it was fruitful and there's a certain satisfaction in that.

Sunday morning, I began the journey home.

Two-lane highways afford opportunities to stop and photograph things like this cool tree. 

While driving, I've started getting into the habit of using the Waze App as my default GPS. I like Waze because it does move you around inevitable traffic snarls that crop up along the way. It's definitely saved me some time and a few headaches (and besides that, you can choose to be guided by the voice of C3PO or Morgan Freeman - which I find oddly compelling).

Yesterday, as I started the anticipated journey home, I was a little bit excited when the Waze Lady (I was not using Morgan Freeman or C3PO) began to direct me along rural two-lane highways.

I find the Interstate to be a soul-less path, littered with billboards and fast food restaurants. My preference will always be the two-lane highway option. It seems that life is a touch more authentic on those roads. The speed limit is lower and the road signs are more faded. Farm houses can be seen up close and personal, and there are more interesting abandoned places.

There's more to photograph. Maybe that's the bottom line?

It also takes much longer.

Yesterday, I stopped to take some photos a couple of times while traveling rural highway 264, outside of Farmville, North Carolina.

I quickly realized that at this rate it would be quite late before I arrived back home. And, while taking the time for photos is something I always find fun - I was also quite ready to hear the Waze Lady say, "You've arrived at your destination." (It is somehow even more assuring to hear Morgan Freeman say that phrase.)

I was indeed ready to be home. To see my family (I miss Renee'. Cori is home from college. Jonathan and Tiffany are back from their honeymoon. And then there is Ron Swanson...)

I was happy to be back yesterday, so that I could spend some time downtown Greenville with my family and the dogs. 

Thankfully, Waze had me on the two-lane highway for only about 30 minutes or so. Soon, I was zipping down I-85 at 70 miles per hour with Winnebagos and 18-wheelers, avoiding traffic in Charlotte (had to do with some kind of race-car event) by taking the bypass.

Like most of life, balance is the key. There are times to stop and take photographs and there are times you just need to get home.

Yesterday's drive was a bit of the best of both worlds.