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Space, Time and Train Travel

A daily post.

Is that something I can do?

We're all about to find out. Seth Godin says that blogging everyday clarifies his thoughts and helps him to notice things.

Blogging every day clarifies my thoughts — it helps me notice things. It’s one of the most important practices of my profession.
— Seth Godin

This intrigues me. I have time to talk. Therefore, I have time to write.

So here goes something.

I am riding backwards on a train, racing through Illinois cornfields. My college aged daughter is at the other end of the line.

It's true. Train travel is something that I do believe should make a resurgence in America. Not because it's faster, cheaper or more efficient. It's not. (That said, the conductor just told us we're going 110 MPH. He also speaks in rhyme, which I find incredibly entertaining.)

However - there is opportunity to see parts of the countryside which may not be readily viewable by planes or cars. There's rhythm. There's time to think. There's flow and boundaries.

Space and time. These might be the two most valuable commodities of our day.

Space, time and train travel are all things worth preserving.