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Making People Feel Like Heroes

When I read a book by someone like Umberto Echo or James Joyce or Abraham Kuyper - I feel unintelligent and inadequate.

When I read a book by the likes of CS Lewis or Annie Dillard or or Brandon Sanderson - I'm inspired to think and to create and to wonder and to write.

Some music makes me say, "what a complex and intricate piece of art."

Some music makes me want to make my own music and tell my own stories.

There are some photographs which make me feel like a terrible photographer who will never measure up to photographic greatness.

A photograph of downtown Greenville, SC inspired by an amalgamation of some of my favorite street photographers. (Jardin, Cartier-Bresson, and RK)

There are other photographs which make me say, "I want to make pictures just like this."

There are some leaders who make the people around them feel inferior, subordinate, put in their place. Led.

There are other leaders who make the people around them feel like heroes.

I want to be that kind of leader.