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A Drone With A Vision - Leadership For The Rest of Us

There are only so many leadership positions to go around.

There's one president. Maybe a handful of cabinet positions.

And there's the rest of us.

The same is true in the corporate world.

There's the CEO - followed by a hierarchy of trustworthy subservients.

And then there're the drones. The rest of us.

Does that mean only a few are called to lead? What about the rest of us? Are there leaders among the drones?

I believe there are. And we can. If we have relational finesse and patience.

Someone with a leadership position has a vision for a nation, or a business, or a department. They obtain this vision by setting up goals and stepping stones. From alpha to omega, tasks are delegated. A path is made and the vision is achieved.

What about the leader in the back? How can they cast vision? How does a drone start a movement or "the rest of us" change the culture or everyperson cast a vision?

Relational Finesse

A clear vision cast, in a single conversation. A community developed around the conversation. Allow the people around you - the other drones to develop the alpha to omega steps.


The ability to wait for the conversation around you to ripen to the point that people take their own actions.

Leading from the back is trying.

But every grass root movement starts with a drone with a vision.