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Why Write?

There are loads of reasons.

In order to better understand myself.
To explore topics which interest me.
To travel.
To entertain.
To make money.
To create.
To express.
To understand.
To remember.

The list could go on for pages.

As I sit this morning watching the Asian city below me wake-up to it's bustling, crazy fullness, I'm thinking about this question.


Why write?

Or, more specifically, why should I write?

All of the above reasons are good ones - and there're a lot more I could add to the list.

But I wish to add just one.

I think it's my reason. Here's where it comes from.

I watched one movie on my long plane ride(s) over here. It was "Goodbye, Christopher Robin," a film I found to be oddly moving (for what I think are a lot of personal reasons which I won't get into here). It's the story of A.A. Milne, author of "The Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh," one of the best loved (probably my most loved) children's stories of all time, and his relationship with his son, the archetype of Christopher Robin.

It's worth a watch.

Milne answers the question "why I write" in the film. His answer had changed over the years, as a result of the personal affects of global conflict.

As I blog daily, write articles, work on both fiction and non-fiction in my own life and future career - my writing why has become a little more focused; a little clearer.

I’ve had enough of making people laugh. I want people to see.
— A.A. Milne in "Goodbye Christopher Robin"

I want people to see.

Winnie-the-Pooh helps people see to this day, young and old.

Writing should be like that.