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Type Something

I use a little piece of writing software called "Byword". It's simple, elegant, plain text. I love it. It's what I use to first draft almost everything.

The downside of Byword is its old-school blinking cursor.

And blinking cursors can be intimidating on a big blank page. Especially on a Monday morning after a busy weekend that hasn't allowed enough space to give thought to a week of daily blog posts.

Fear is a word used a lot in the creative space. I don't like the word. It seems harsh. I'm not really afraid to write. I don't know what there is to be afraid of. But, I think of fear as something more visceral, like seeing a ghost or jumping out of an airplane. To each her own.

But, I do get it when the word "fear" is used in the context of creation. I experience this as a twinge of anxiety. Will these words suck? Will this end up as something helpful or inspiring or at the very least mildly entertaining? I like to use Stephen Pressfield's idea of The Resistance instead of fear.

But call it what you will, the blinking cursor on the blank page can be intimidating.

As always, the best way out is through.

There is a sun behind the clouds, no matter how thick the cloud cover may be. The only way forward is to work until the sun breaks through.

The only way to eliminate a blinking cursor on a blank page is to type something.