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Maslow and Arrogant Leaders


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs put our physiological needs at the base of the pyramid. Oxygen. Water. Food. Sleep. Clothes. Shelter.

It doesn’t get more basic than this. Essentialism at its essential.

Sometimes leaders mess this up.

Leaders often put the need to be right at the base of everything else.

Or a need for attention. Or the need for being needed. Or the need for affirmation. Or the need for drama.

That’s leading with ego. And it’s dangerous.

The danger of leading with ego is that there is no way to inform yourself of your own behavior. Ego doesn’t allow for self-evaluation. Ego is a coward who can’t bear to know the truth about herself.

Arrogance has the blinding nature of a sandstorm and is nearly impossible to lead through.

Your basic needs have nothing to do with being right, needed, or affirmed (these come a lot further up the pyramid).

Breath, sleep, eat, and lead with humility.

It will get you further than most.