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Renee’ and I live in a world with a lot of folks who are living in tougher than normal situations.  They are mostly ministry type folks who are also choosing to live cross-culturally.  For those who’ve done that before, you know. It’s not easy.

Self-care is something we talk about a lot.

Self-care is not the same as self-indulgence.


We’re not talking about eating a half-gallon of ice cream or spending three days in a TV coma. Self-care is not for the self-indulgent. That’s more on topic with self-discipline.

Self-care has more to do with the logic behind getting the oxygen mask over your own nose and mouth before trying to help anyone else, including your own children. It’s not sacrificial to pass out from lack of oxygen while trying to help others not pass out. More than likely you’ll all pass out. That’s not sacrifice. That’s foolish.

The same is true when it comes to work that requires both ends of the metaphorical candle. Sacrifice is not burning out. That doesn’t make you a hero. Living from crisis to crisis in emergency management mode doesn’t make for more effective work. In fact, I would argue it ultimately makes you less effective. And is completely unsustainable.

We all need oxygen.

It’s not wrong to put your mask on first. It’s only wrong to have your mask over your own mouth and nose but fail to assist the person sitting next to you.