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It was. privilege to participate in several conversations this week about the ways cultures are changed.

Not colonialist, patriarchal sort of changes, where we shape culture into our own image. But, rather, shifts which move culture from destructive to constructive. Unhealthy to heathy. Pressed down to flourishing.

The current culture of America could use a lot of help. We live in a culture where backbiting and violent talk are acceptable. Overwork, busy-ness, and exhaustion are virtuous. Critical attitudes and cynicism are normal and okay. I won’t even touch on deeper, systemic cultural issues like racism and misogyny.

Culture is complicated. And that’s an understatement.

This month I’ve been observing cultural issues throughout Southeast Asia. It’s been an incredible learning curve for me. But as I see the issues and look at the the things which really impact culture in significant ways, I see three significant cultural influencers.


- Education

- The Arts

- Business

I am not an expert. And culture is way more complicated than a simplistic breakdown in a 250-word blog post. But if you want to influence culture in remarkable ways, these are (at least some of) the paths.



Start a business.

For good or for ill, teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs are some of the most important people at the cutting edge of the long and difficult road of influence.

Of course, it is possible to continue influencing culture through combative and bombastic social media posts. That’s easy and doesn’t require much thought. But a culture of polarization, injustice, and rage is not something anyone wants, save the few who gain power from such things.

We can do better.