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You Decide


You have far more influence than you expect.

And leadership is about influence.

You lead yourself.
You decide what time to rise in the morning and what time to lay your head down at night. You decide what you put into your body and what you do to your body.

You decide your screen time and the level of your engagement on social media versus reading a book. You take care of your non-renewable resources: you and your time.

You decide the kind of character you want to build and the sort of character you want to be.

Integrity is your choice. You choose what you will do and who you will be when no one else is around. And you're not documenting yourself on Instagram.

You decide when to have the right conversations and to provide input. And when to be silent. None of us are born with emotional intelligence. Like every other intelligence, you grow into it. So grow.

When you grow as a person while enabling and empowering those around you, your influence spreads. It goes deep and wide. As you search for new opportunities and take risks — and encourage those around you to take risks — you are leading. In fact, you are leading in an exemplary way.

And you don't need a position or a title to do any of this.