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Coffee Shop Saturdays: The Mountain Goat, Greenville, SC

Coffee, bikes, and beer.

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It seems an unusual combination. But it works for Mountain Goat Coffee in Greenville, SC.

Most new coffee shops in Greenville are trying to get into the much desired downtown area, or in the hip, newly gentrified parts of town like Hampton Station or Taylor’s Mill.

But very few intentionally look to open up shop on Shaw Street.

Mountain Goat is a coffee shop evolved from a climbing gym and bike shop for at-risk kids and families. One-quarter of the storefront shop is a bike repair garage, with gears and wrenches and Intertubes. The rest is a quaint and simple cafe. The point is experience. The folks at Mountain Goat have a vision for a shop that is condisive to interaction and storytelling. They also want to encourage people to spend time outside. E ”the great outdoors” so to speak.

Renee’ and I have a weekly “staff meeting” - a time for us connect in areas where we are working together. Several of our staff meetings have been held at Mountain Goat. The most important aspect of any staff meeting is the coffee. Mountain Goat fits the bill.

I typically get an espresso or a triple shot americano. Renee’ gets a latte (we’re simple, yet elegant when it comes to our coffee preferences). And both are outstanding. Mountain Goat uses locally roasted coffee from Methodical. So it’s definitely high quality product.

The menu is straightforward. Nothing fancy. There is a good pastry selection, as long as you’re there early in the day. Mountain Goat pastries are from a local bakery. Two words: cinnamon rolls. You should eat them. They’re delicious.

I avoid corporate coffee whenever possible, as I do want to support local coffee. This takes local coffee support to a deeper level. Purchases from Mountain Goat support their greater mission of serving underserved and marginalized youth and families in Greenville, SC by giving them life-changing outdoor experiences opportunities.


Mountain Goat Coffee is a good place that does so much good.

Check them out


And try holding your next staff meeting onsite at:

120 Shaw Street
Greenville, SC. 29609