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The Trajectory of “Future You”

The human brain does not think well about the distant future.

According to brain science, your brain thinks about “future you” as a completely different person. This is why it’s so difficult to get people to save for retirement or think well about climate change.

That’s not me.

It’s someone else. 

Why should I care about that person?

I don’t even know that person.

She’s not relevant to me today.

But you should get to know that person. Have a conversation with “future you”. Look at your trajectory, based on what you’re doing today. Forecast what “future you” will be doing in 10 years. 2028 will be here sooner than you think.

We typically overestimate what can be done in a day. But we vastly underestimate what can be done in a decade.

Make a small change today. Write 200 words. Sketch in a notebook. Start a blog. Be intentional with photography. Research possible positions in your desired field on LinkedIn. Watch a little less TV. Start taking the stairs. Put limits on social media.

Make a change. Not a monumental change. Just a small one. An easy one. Be consistent.

The small change you make today, a new habit, a minor adjustment, can radically change your trajectory. Adjust. Make the change. Do it today.

“Future you” will thank you.

 And 2028 will be here sooner than you think. Seriously.