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For This Weekend - Live a Little

I don’t think I will ever be accused of being a Luddite, anti-tech, or a technophobe. If not an early adopter, I tend to at least be on the first wave of the general public’s embrace of new tech.

Technology is a tool. And I like tools for getting my work finished more efficiently.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that technology also becomes our ecosystem: a place where we live, eat, swim, and breathe. We need to at least recognize this. Adding new technology into our environments doesn’t result in our old environment, plus some new tech. New technology added to our environments changes everything. It's a new ecosystem. And we have to live with that.

One characteristic of those who live in a Technopoly is that they are largely unaware of both the origins and the effects of their technologies.
— Neil Postman

Our technological ecosystem has left us with largely unexamined information, unexamined opinions, unexamined lives - and a lot of confusion. It’s why politics doesn’t make any real sense anymore. It’s a piece-milled dumpster of information we are trying to launch into space with the rocket fuel of the hyped human emotion.

A dumpster fire, indeed.

Technology is not human progress.

At the risk of sounding like a get-off-my-lawn old man -

Put the phone down for an hour or two this weekend. Shut down. Go analog for while. Even for an hour.


Listen - are you breathing just a little and calling it life?
— Mary Oliver
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