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Humble Self Care


It’s no secret that CS Lewis is one of my favorite writers, theologians, and story tellers. His influence on my life has been profound. Just last evening I was reminded of a popular but important truth he wrote about humility.

A truly humble man ... will not be thinking about humility: he will not be thinking about himself at all.
— CS Lewis

There is something here that applies to leadership but in a counterintuitive way.

Because the most important sort of leadership is humble. Leadership that chooses influence over position and impact over power. This is a humble sort of leadership that doesn’t feel contrived or pretentious. Selfless. Empowering to others.

But this doesn’t mean “never think about yourself”.

In fact, to be an effective and influential leader without a position, self-care, self-leadership, and personal development are your most important activities.

Personal systems and margin for development, holistic health, sleep, and deep work are non-negotiables.

And something you have to think about. Because if you don’t think about it, someone else will make demands of your time, your schedule, your calendar, your margin. When authority ends up being the only thing you have to give, we’re all the poorer for it.

So lead without thinking about yourself by taking care of yourself and giving yourself space and margin. It’s hard work and sometimes requires creativity. Especially if you have a demanding full-time job.

But it’s truly essential.

And quite possibly the most humble thing you could do.