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Clear the Fog


It’s a cold morning.
After a melt-off.
After a winter storm.

This means black ice and fog.

I am not driving anywhere today until after 11:00 AM. This is mainly because I like to reserve my best time of the day for my most important work. But it would not be wise to drive around here this morning.

There’s a cold air/warm air combination that’s created a thick, icy fog. It’s impossible to see what’s coming. This will make for tense, slow driving. It’s difficult to go very far, very fast.

And plus there’s a lot of black ice.

This makes for treacherous conditions, especially when you can’t see it coming.

Later this morning it warms up. The sun comes out. We’ll be able to see for miles.

See for miles.

That’s vision.

When the vision is clear, you can relax, pick up speed, and drive. You see potential risk and instability coming a long way off. You make adjustments. You keep going to the destination.

Vision is not just about seeing the end. It’s anticipating the hazards and making adjustments along the way (which is impossible to do in the fog).

It takes time and space for the fog to lift.

But it will lift. You will see.

Give yourself the time and space necessary to clarify the vision, whether for your self, your family, or your organization. It may seem like a tedious process of waiting, but clarity of vision saves more than time over the long journey.

You can see for miles.

And it could save you from disaster.