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Snacks at the End of the Learning Curve

I used to think this way:

When you’re young and new you don’t know anything. After time and work, you gain experience. You gain competency, know how to do things, and life is good. Coasting is possible. There will be snacks.

That’s a lie.

I spend most of my life at the bottom of a learning curve, fighting and clawing my way to the top. Only to arrive at what I think is the finish line, but it’s not. Not really. Just when I think I’ve mastered this craft and there might be some downward movement, a little bit of coasting, and a few snacks — that’s when I find out I’m at the bottom of a whole new mountain to climb.

And I think it’s okay to always be on the upside.


People who spend their lives at the top of their learning curve are actually not living their potential. Coasting is not competency and competency is not a measure of possibility.

A person can be really good at pouring water, but her potential could be running the business. It’s a sad day if she stops at water-pouring.

When competency becomes your reality, look for the next learning curve and take the leap.

That’s where you experience potential.

Think growth, not stagnancy.