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Losing the Lottery Ticket Mindset

I did the math.

In 2018 I’ve written and published well over 100,000 words for this blog.

That’s two full-length business books.  

Or one epic fantasy novel. 

If I were required to write 100,000 words between now and January 31st starting today, there would be a lot of panic, stress, and caffeine.


Panic, stress, and caffeine are not how to be productive.


But a few hundred words every day? Way easier. And it gets the job done.

A little bit every day is always better than a lot of bit on occasion.

(Unless we’re talking about negative things like twinkies and speeding. Then a little bit every day will kill you eventually.)

Daily habits compound. Five dollars. 100 words. 15 sit-ups. A positive affirmation. 

One thing builds on another, builds on another, builds on another. The interest from yesterday is leveraged for gains today.

Way too many people take a fast win, golden ticket approach to their lives. Think about all of the areas of your life that are important to you.  Here are some of mine:

  • Marriage and relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Creative life
  • Intellect
  • Physical body.
  • Work and career.
  • And, of course, finances.

As we approach a time of year when we tend to reflect and self-assess, think about a tiny adjustment you make in the areas of your life where you want to get better. Where you need to get better. 

An adjustment so tiny, you wonder if it will make a difference at all.

The principle of compound interest is universal. Save a little consistently over a long period of time - and you will reap much.

Lose the lottery ticket mentality with the things most important to you.

Small consistent habits over time.  Try that for your new year thing.

As a bonus - it helps to automate whatever you possibly can.

Then track your progress.