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Likes and Shares Unecessary


Frozen fog at sunrise is something I’d add to the list of “my favorite things.” (It just doesn’t rhyme with “whiskers on kittens” and “brown paper packages ride up with strings”.)

That’s how Christmas Eve dawns where I sit. And it makes me happy.

The next two days will consist of a lot of Instagramming and Facebooking.  Gifts and food, travel and pets in hats, and other general merriment. Our happiness forever captured in the newsfeed, reoccurring annually in memories.

Here’s my encouragement for you today.

Don’t just post your happiness over these next few hours.

Be happy.

Enjoy moments with family. Tear down walls. Ask good questions. Listen more than you talk.

Enjoy moments alone. Read a book. Drink a hot beverage. Take a walk. Pet a dog.

And know that even if you don’t share any of those things, the happiness is just as real.

Maybe even more so.

Likes and shares are not only optional, they are unnecessary.