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Coffee Shop Saturdays: Hope Coffee House, Tuy Hoa, Vietnam

In Greek mythology, Pandora opened a jar she wasn't supposed to.

It had to do with Zeus being angry with Prometheus or something along those lines - but in any case, the box (or more accurately, the jar) was opened and every evil thing we know on this earth was unleashed on humankind. From hunger to darkness to death. The only thing remaining in the jar, once it was closed again, was hope.

Hope's barista team is top-notch.

Hope's barista team is top-notch.

That's the Greek myth.

I'll expand the story with a bit of conjecture.

In recent days, the box was opened again. Hope escaped and landed on a little seacoast town in Vietnam called Tuy Hoa - in the form of a coffee shop.

And it was my privilege to visit "Hope Coffee House" a few weeks ago while visiting this quaint community.

Hope is a small shop, on what feels like a main drag through town, with a wonderful atmosphere - and is a perfect place to hang out. The view from the second floor is breathtaking.

Perfect example of kind, Asian hospitality. 

And, of course, the coffee is good, as well.

I am assuming their beans are local. Local Vietnamese whole-bean coffee is available for sale. I really enjoyed my Americano. It had a great ambience, with a perfect acidic "pop" and a rich, creamy flavor. Since we visited more than once, I tried their pour over - which was also up to standard. Clearly using arabica beans, versus the locally common robusta.

Renee' said her latte was made to perfection - and the latte art was charming.

Customer service in most of Southeast Asia is winsome and goes well beyond my Western expectations - Hope Coffee House is no exception. The staff was kind and thoughtful, even though we struggled to communicate (The staff's English was definitely better than any Vietnamese I know. I can even pronounce phó correctly). When we placed our order, a team of baristas began working in coordinated unison. It was poetry in motion.

The view from the second floor dining area.

Hope works closely with a local NGO, removing children and families from places of despair - and giving the greatest, yet forgotten gift from the bottom of the jar.


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Or better yet - visit them in person!

Hope Coffee House 403 Hùng Vương Tuy Hòa, Vietnam