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Never Break the Chain

My calendar has a black X for every day this year.

The chain has started and can't be broken.

No, this is not the restating of an old Fleetwood Mac song.

It's a productivity hack that works. I think it was made popular by Jerry Seinfeld. Not sure who actually did it first.

It is this simple.

Start something.

Write. Work out. Pray. Yoga. Whatever it is you want to make a habit.

Make your daily goal achievable.

5 minute workout. 100 words. One yoga move. 5 minute prayer time.

Do the minimum every day.

More if you can. But at least the minimum.

and here is the hack.

Make a mark on the calendar for every day you accomplish your thing.

I use a one-year wall calendar and a black X. You can use whatever works. It just needs to be visible.

Never break the chain.

My chain is for writing something and posting to this blog. What's yours? Start your chain today.