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So You Want To Be A Leader? Start Here.

Begin your leadership journey by being proactive, not reactive. Take control where you already have control. Where your influence is already the primary determining factor.

For some, this might mean exerting authority over unsuspecting co-workers. Or worse.

Not at all what I'm talking about.

The place to begin is obvious. But we often overlook the obvious for the extravagant.

Lead well where you have autonomous influence. Start with yourself.


Be your own means "be proactive". Lead yourself well. 

Be your own means "be proactive". Lead yourself well. 

You determine parts of your day. Other parts are determined for you. Take complete control of what is yours. If you have to be on the job at 9:00 AM, make sure your time from rising to commute is the most proactive part of your day. We can also take better care of our own calendars. Even an others-determined work schedule can be reigned in with some finesse. The key is to lead. Be proactive with your schedule. You have more control over this than you think.


Don't be a reactive consumer, be it chocolate cake or Netflix. Discipline is good. Follow your schedule (see above). Don't allow the Siren calls to reach your ears. It's also good practice to schedule a binge. Schedule some time to blow through several episodes of Stranger Things (or, when Renee' and I are together, House Hunter's International - she's not a fan of weird TV). A scheduled "cheat day" for beer, mac and cheese and chocolate cake is good for the metabolism. Again - you be the leader. Not the reactor.


This is my personal growth area. A simple spreadsheet to track income and outflow assists with being proactive (or you can pay for software). My life has a weird and awkward relationship with money (might write more about this in another post). The bottom line is: know the bottom line. At all times. Don't be led by money. Lead your financial world.


Faith and spiritual life are a complex beasts. But, for me, it's the most important aspect of life - both superseding and saturating everything above. And more. Spirituality takes on various forms for each of us - but spiritual habits are exactly that. Habits. Something which must be cultivated and developed. For me, this means time every morning in Bible reading, prayer, and reflective journaling, as well as a walk in the afternoon. No one else will lead this part of my life. If I'm not proactive in my spiritual life it will fade into something dull and mundane.

So you want to lead? Start here.

Leadership begins with self. No position required.