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Sunday Sermonizing: Lenten Prayers (vol. 4)


You are above me.
And I'm grateful to know
Your great love and care are eternal.
And You are far beyond what I can even comprehend.
Your hand of discipline I will not despise;
and even when I don't understand pain -
whether mine or my loved ones' or a strangers'
I will trust your wisdom.
Not with blind faith -
because I don't believe that's what faith is about. But I will trust You because you've proven
Your wisdom and Your goodness already and enough time and again.


You are around me.
Above and below, to the left and to the right
and in the mouth of those who speak to me.
I pass through this earth with senses dulled
by smaller loves
and lessor passions.
Forgive me for my insensitive and calloused soul. Heal of me of the spiritual myopia
I've been plagued by for so long. Today I will pass by a thousand ways You are already at work. So I wish to see and hear and worship.

Holy Spirit,

You are within.
Fill me again with your life
and Your presence.
You are the healer.
You are the giver of sight
and strength
and source of power my weak self is lacking.
Let me know your grace this week
while walking in these shadowlands.
And fill my space with fellow pilgrims
to walk this way together.
And may I find surprising grace in them.
May I not be satisfied with what I think I need,
but rather embrace every gift
and every grace you provide;
from whomever you provide.
With fullness of gratitude
in the beauty of grace.

In the name of Father, Son, and Spirit
Amen and amen.