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Vision, Leadership, and Mr. Toad

We were creeping around the corners, well below the speed limit.

Traffic coming toward us, bicyclists riding with us. It was impossible to see. It was impossible to make forward progress at any great rate of speed. If not impossible, unwise.

There was no vision. We were crawling.

That was us yesterday while spending the day with friends, traveling on a curvy mountain road which is also a popular bicycle route.

The same is true on wide-open Interstate with torrential rain, or snow, or fog.

Vision and forward movement are relative.

Of course, it is possible to hightail it through low-visibility conditions. With some quick reflexes, experience behind the wheel, and a lot of luck, you can navigate tricky driving situations.

But should you? Is it wise?

And does anyone want to be a passenger on such a wild ride? The vehicle is not on a track like the Mr. Toad ride at Disney. This wild ride could send everyone into a ditch. Or off the mountain.

Leadership without clear vision is a harrowing experience. And sometimes even dangerous.

A wise leader will take the time to get the vision clear before filling up the van and stepping on the gas.

If clear vision is currently impossible, it's okay. It often takes time. But slow it down, and proceed with caution.

Trust the road signs. Trust the process.

Lives are at stake.