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Sunday Sermonizing: Lenten Prayers (Vol. 3)

Lord -

As we move through these long weeks
toward Hope,
I recognize my need for more
of you.
Complete immersion.
To soak in Your beauty.
To bask in your warmth.
To know the afterglow of grace
and to plunge in with abandon.
My safety is not my concern.
You are good.
You are secure.
You are enough.
Moving through these weeks slowly

toward Hope.

And moving through these long weeks
toward Hope,
I find the need for rest
is more profound.
I let myself become weary
and it's my own fault.
When my bedraggled soul drags
itself across the desert
with pack full and heart empty,
I pass the mirror on my way to a pillow;
and my reflection tells me
it could have been the other way around.
So I drop the weight and
turn my face
to Grace. And reversal.
Moving slowly through these weeks toward Hope.

So, I'm filled with sorrow and gratitude.
Gracious justice and holy love embrace.
Flower and rain and bread and wine and blood;
All reminders of my eleventh hour
And Your sufficiency to save.

So, I rest.

Now. I rest in You.

And I'm thankful.