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Today, (and everyday) Let's Learn From True Leaders

"Lead from the Back" is a common theme on these pages (or at least has been in much of my thinking so far this year).

Lead without a position.
You don't need an office.
You don't need a pulpit.
You don't have to be an elected official.

When you've not been given authority, you must create your own authority.

So lead.

Lead from behind.
Lead from the back of the room.
Don't ask for permission.
Just lead from where you are.

And anyone can lead because leadership is a set of learned skills.

And here's a twist.

If you're a woman, you already know this. Because (more than likely) you've been leading from the back your whole life.

Women have been leading without an office or a position for millennia.

Here's to empowerment and equality.

It's about time.

Happy International Women's Day.

To true leaders who ought to inspire us all.