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"The Big Thing"

Big things are done by doing a lot of small things, not by simply doing "The Big Thing."

A novelist starts a novel with a sentence.
A carpenter starts a piece of furniture (or a house) with a board.
A business starts with an idea, acted upon. One customer. One client.
A journey starts with a step.

We set ourselves up to fail when we have to do "The Big Thing." Because "The Big Thing" will always feel like too much. It's overwhelming. It's impossible. It will take too long and be too hard. I don't have the strength or the patience (or the resources or the ideas or the words or the boards) to make "The Big Thing" happen. Not in this lifetime.

And I fail for never trying.

We set ourselves up to succeed when we orchestrate a series of small wins. Write 500 words. Or 200 words. Or 10 words. Don't think of "The Big Thing" that must be finished. Break it down. Make little wins for yourself (or for your team). That is enough.

But do it daily.

Intentional, small, daily wins build momentum and gain velocity for your project.

A little bit every day adds up to a lot over time. So trust the process and do a lot of small things. Daily.

It will accomplish "The Big Thing." Every time.

Start today.

Write the sentence.
Shape the board.
Act on the idea.
Serve the client.
Take the step.

Then do it again tomorrow.