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Coffee Shop Saturdays: Tandem (Travelers Rest, SC)

While memorable, the name of the town isn't all that creative. And the history of this twice-incorporated community is summed up in the name.

Situated at the base of the rough terrain that is the mountains of North Carolina, Travelers Rest, SC was a place of refuge before (or after) venturing into the unknown.

Today, Travelers Rest is a thriving, revitalized downtown community - and home to one of our favorite places for breakfast and coffee.

A Bicycle-Built-For-2 Themed Crêpe and Coffee Shop

Tandem is a crêperie. Tandem is coffee-shop. Tandem is a gathering place. The food and the coffee are both on point. As is the venue.

There is always a line of people at Tandem. It should be expected. Good food and great coffee beget large crowds. Tandem is no exception to this rule. Even on a rainy Saturday, the line is still out the door.

Don't be intimidated by the line. Tandem staff's got skills. The line moves quickly. After ordering, there is always a seat. There are several large community tables, as well as seating in an enclosed, climate-controlled, outside patio area. The wait is short. The rewards are great.

Together is Best

Crêpe and coffee are perfect soulmates. Today, I had the savory potato and sausage crêpe paired with a single origin pour over from Papua, New Guinea. Tandem brews Counter Culture coffee, a roaster from over in North Carolina whom I've talked about in previous posts. The coffee is fresh. While they specialize in hand brewed coffees, delicious espresso creations are also available.

Tandem has both sweet and savory crêpe possibilities. My favorite savory is the one ordered today: The Sausage Potato. The Grazing Goat is another good one which involves goat cheese (obviously) and a blueberry compote. When it comes to sweet crêpes, you can't go wrong. We love the Tiramisu. Sometimes they have a Key Lime crêpe

But the Tandem slogan "Together is Best" is about a lot more than crêpes and coffee. Together is best is about people and Tandem staff's five-star hospitality. I met a dear Mongolian friend there, today. We ate. We drank. We laughed and shared. (In a language no one else around us could understand!) Talked about the future, the past, and the present.

As I reflect on Tandem - it is more than the pairing of coffee and crêpes (which is a genius idea). It's about the consequential connections we have during our short walk on the planet earth. I appreciate a coffee shop who gets that.

Tandem reflects this value throughout their entire vibe.

And for that, I'm grateful.

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Or, best yet, grab a friend and head over to Travelers Rest to check out Tandem for yourself. 

2 Main St.
Travelers Rest, SC