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Simple Gratitude: A Weekend Project

There are many kinds of “Thank Yous“.

There's "Thank's!" to the person who serves you coffee.
There's "Appreciate it!" to the person who helps with directions when you’re lost.

There’s the "thank you" given to grandma when she gives you a birthday present.

Then there’s the "thank you" we give to parents for giving us life, breath, and college tuition.

Gratitude is complex when looked at in this light.

But, in reality, gratitude is simple. We are simply not deliberate about our practice.

A Weekend Project

  1. Make a mental (or written) list of the people in your life. Family. Friends. Colleagues.
  2. Go through the list one person at a time.
  3. Think about a valuable contribution each person brings to your life or work.
  4. Say the words: "Thank You"

Gratitude is a key ingredient to a healthy workplace and gratitude must be cultivated. It doesn't come naturally.

Gratitude is essential to unlocking the Pygmalion effect.

Gratitude is a low cost/high return and incredibly humanizing activity.

Practice it. Say it. Spread it.

Thank you for reading this.