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The Level-Headed Professional

Spent some time this Sunday evening watching “the beautiful game.”

My team lost.

Here’s why.

Things started well. We went up 1-0. It was looking good. We thought we were going up 2-0. The goal counted.

But it was reviewed.

Then called back.

From what I could tell, it was a bad call. Of course, I’m biased. But seemed like an objectively bad call.

A young team of professionals let a bad call get into their heads. They made ameteur errors.

They lost the match.

Sometimes life throws us objectively unfair calls.

Be a professional and keep your head in the match. Respond with faith and determination. Not emotion.

You may not always win the match, but winning the match may not always be the most important thing.

Sometimes you win by simply acting like a level-headed professional.