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Vision: I'm Always Sad When I Leave My Dog

Not so much because I'll miss my dog. I mean, I will. But I know I'll get to see him again soon. What makes me sad is knowing that he doesn't necessarily know that. Especially since I have an unpredictable travel schedule.

Humans are the only creatures with the capability of imagining a future. Unlike our dogs, we know that in an hour or a day or a week or a month will be happily reunited.

Dogs don't prospect the future. They don't even have the capability.

Leaders do prospect the future. We have the capability. It must be developed.

Prospecting the future is the art of anticipation. It is the understanding of trajectory. It is the ability to answer two important questions.

  1. Where will be if things continue the way they are?
  2. What needs to change to get where we want to be?

The first question is critical for the sake of bearings. The second question is strategic thinking and will lead all kinds of possibilities.

Prospect the possibilities for what will give the most value.

That's vision.

And spend time reassuring your dog.

That's good pet ownership.