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Story and Leadership: The Climax and Resolution


In every story (at least every good story), after the protagonist makes the crisis decision, the results of that decision lead to the climax. The climax of every story is what happens once the crisis choice is made.

For the story I've been telling this week, the climax would go something like this:

We decided we were in love and couldn't really see doing life without each other, or with anyone else.

We were married June 3, 1989.


The fifth and final part of this story is how things are different after the climax. The resolution. For this story it's simple.

For the past 30 years we've done work and life together, raised 2 children, traveled all over the world, and lived in two countries.

Every story must have a resolution. There has to be a way that things have changed. How have decisions and events affect thinking, life, and action?

For the story in my example - two people who were single are now married and together.

Obviously, there are more complications to this story than what I've shared. There are other scenes. Other inciting incidents, progressive complications, crisis', and climaxes along the way. But this is the general story arc for our (or any) "couples story".

I encourage you to look for these five parts of story in everything you watch and read. Except for some experimental art houses and avant-garde indie films, these five basic parts will be in every story.

Tomorrow we'll think about how to make use of story and the parts of story in your calling to lead.