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29 Years

That's a year short of three decades.

29 years ago there was still an Iron Curtain and a Berlin wall.

The Internet was known by only a few and was by no means ubiquitous.

But VHS tapes were. So was Blockbusters.

There had been no 9/11. You could still say goodbye at the gate in the airport. George Bush Sr. had just started his presidency.

I didn't drink coffee.

Everything changed in 1989. And it wasn't just because Taylor Swift was born.

We started our life together and I became a better person.

In 29 years we've had 10 dogs, 4 cats (counting the two we're housing now. TEMPORARILY), and 4 kids. Two we know and love well. One we never knew - but will know someday. One is a sweet daughter-in-law who we are growing to know and love more and more as each day goes by.

We've lived in two states and two countries - and visited at least 20 other nations together. Best I can count. As I write this, it's too late for me to figure out our states. That involves math, and you know how that goes.

But we also have a lot more to see.

We're privileged and blessed.

Our 29 years has been an adventure, to say the least.

And I know the best is yet to come.

In fact, this year we're entering into what may be the greatest adventure yet.

I thank God for you. Now more than ever. You are my rock. You are the strongest person I know. You are the one I love and respect the most.

So happy 29th, Renee' Anderson.

Thank you for being a friend.
You're still the one.
You make loving fun.
I love you most.