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The One Superpower Everybody Can Possess

Many people sit down once every month (Or once every six months. Once every couple of years.) And write 1000 words. Maybe 5000 words. They feel good about themselves for the rest of the day. Then try it again next month. Or year.

But that’s not what a writer does.

A writer (a real writer) has a different habit. (Habit is the keyword.) A writer (a real writer) is more apt to write a mere 275 words. Writing 275 words takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe a half hour. With dictation, I can do 275 word in about 5 minutes. It's not a grand commitment. Not really. But a real writer writes 275 words - every single day. That will result in 100,000 words in a year. That’s two books. At a rate of two books per year, a writer ( a real writer) will have 40 books over 20 years. Not too shabby.

There is superhuman power in consistency because most people are not consistent. Many have great ideas. Most fail to show up.

With a few exceptions.

An evening with a bowl of popcorn followed by a dish of ice cream one time will not make you fat. It might make you uncomfortable. But you'll be fine in 24 hours. A dish of ice cream and a bowl of popcorn every evening? I guarantee you will put on some poundage.

Sometimes we're consistent, but with the wrong things.

Then we need to fix it.

Going to the gym for three hours one day (because you realize you’ve had too much ice cream and popcorn) will not accomplish much more than sore muscles. Show up at gym and move for 20 minutes every single day? I guarantee results.

For being there. For showing up.

Don’t attempt something new with grandiose intentions and big plans.

Attempt something new by creating an attainable and sustainable habit.

Do a little thing.

But do it every day.

There's power in consistently showing up.