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Coffee Shop Saturdays: Rebel Coffee Roastery and Tea Lounge, Ft. Myers, FL

Fort Myers, Florida

Home to Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and intense humidity. It's also home to Rebel Coffee Roastery.

Downtown Fort Myers is quaint, quiet, and palm tree lined. While there are a good number of shops and restaurant options, it's not so busy. Apparently there are some live music events, which liven things up somewhat, but it seems relatively sedate.

On a quiet corner in the quiet downtown sits Rebel Roasters.

"We are different"

This Rebel's theme. They work hard to provide quality across their services. And in the two visits I made to the shop, they delivered.

The café is large, well-lit, comfortable. Tables and soft-seating are both available. There are TVs. This would normally be a negative for me - but the baristas kindly turned one to the Atlanta United match. So, no real complaints. We were there late Sunday afternoon, and close to their 4:00 PM close. It was slow. The baristas were kind. We never felt rushed to leave, or like we were in the way of their closing process. Every request was granted with kindness and grace.

We chatted with them a bit about their coffees. Several single-origins were available for a hand pour-over. I tried the Peru and was pleased. Renee's late was also satisfying. The roaster is in the store. Every bean in the store was fresh. You can taste the difference when the beans are fresh. I promise.

I purchased a bag of medium-roast Ethiopian to brew back at our room. We had good coffee all week long.

We stopped by again before leaving town with some new friends and coffee quality remained consistent.

So, the coffee passed with flying colors. That's the most important part.

But there's more.

Rebel has a delightful bakery.

The baked goods are made in-house. The key lime pie is worth every cent.

Rebel also has an enormous selection of teas, which I didn't try. However, this looked like an interesting process and a key part of Rebel's business model.

There are several other great coffee shops in Fort Myers. I was not displeased with any of them. Check them all out. They all shut down relatively early, so don't expect any place to be open for hanging out in the evenings - with the exception of the corporate store with the green mermaid.

But do be sure to check out Rebel Roasters in downtown Fort Meyers. You will not be disappointed. It looks like they've done some live events and open mic nights in the past. So follow their social media (below) to keep up with announcements.

They are open from 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM every day, except Saturday and Sunday. On weekend days, they open at 8:00 AM.

You can find their fresh-roasted goodness in downtown Fort Myers at:

1520 Broadway
Fort Myers, FL 33901

You can also find them:

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