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Risky Business


Risk aversion is normal.

At least it is normal for me.

Sure, some have higher risk tolerance than others. Some people climb tall things without ropes or wires. Some people do their own stunts.

I'm not that way. At least, not anymore.

Double-check the ropes. Triple check the carabiner. Make sure there's a spotter and a safety net.

Within reason, this is not a bad philosophy when it comes to physical safety. Free climbers are one move away from tragedy.

Protect the asset.

But protecting the asset does not mean averting risk in everything and in every area of life. Risk aversion is a poor lifestyle choice when it comes to the workplace and careers.

Sometimes you just have to try. And trying should never be done with half a heart. Failure is a possibility. But so is success. The wonder of the age in which we live is possibility. Start an Instagram page for your lettering or your poetry. Do your art and put it out there on an Etsy store. Start a blog that 9 people read. At first. Write a business plan. Ask for the money and the resources necessary to make it happen.

It might fail. (You won't be plummeting to your death).

But it also might not.

That's worth the risk. Embrace the possibility. The glass is not as empty as you think.