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Learn From Productivity Patterns


Every photographer learns to recognize them. I go on a photo walk and the first element of design I find myself seeking is pattern. Repetition. How will one particular shape find it's way to beautiful redundancy?

The challenge is seeing.

Once I see, that's the photo I want to take.

This morning I recognize the fact that I must put a photographer's eye to my own productivity.


I go through a major vocational transition. (I've been through three in my life. I am going through another one right now.) I tear into new work and find myself in the messiness of a Christmas morning with a family of 12. Productive energy wanes and the mess distracts from the work.

After grinding to a complete stop, I survey the wreckage. Reprioritize. Find tools.
Develop relevant systems.
Figure out a way to maintain.

This is the pattern I've followed. Early on, I didn't recognize this pattern until months, and in some cases, years into a new vocational twist.

I'm apparently a slow learner. Fourth time's a charm. Hopefully.

I'm one week into this latest new venture and am seeing the pattern.

There will always be chaos. But there's no need to wait for the chaos to get chaotic. Preclude. Preempt. Prevent.

I see the patterns of the past.

It's time to make an intentional full-stop.

It's time to learn from the patterns.