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Get a Respite From Monday on Tuesdays (an offer)

Work weeks often begin with a rush and a flurry. Sometimes bordering on shock and awe.

Projects you've thought about over the weekend.
Email is backed up.
Kids are starting school this week.
Cat's need to go to the vet.
Oh, yeah - there's that dental appointment.
And I'm wall-to-wall meetings.
All day.

It's another manic Monday.

The whirlwind of work and life consists of the all the things you've got to do. There's no option. It all must get done. It's the rush. The in-your-face. The urgent. The whirlwind.

The whirlwind may not always be the important things (although it is sometimes). But it's the gotta do.

Sometimes Tuesday is a great day to step out of the whirlwind. Take a little bit of time to do the important.

Rest a moment.
Develop yourself.
Enjoy something.
Protect the asset.

Stepping out of the whirlwind is a weekly respite I'm sending to everyone on my list every week on Tuesday. It's a short list of things I'm reading or listening to or looking at that may be the spark you need to step back into the whirlwind energized.

Energized, with added perspective. This is an intentional distraction, not mindless scrolling. I'm curating this just for you.

Join the list. And take a moment out of the whirlwind every Tuesday.

(If you happen to join today before Noon EST, you'll get this week's edition in time for lunch.)