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Make Yourself Some White Space

Most people see margin as a luxury, but margin is a necessity.
— Sean McCabe

Renee' and I were having a conversation this weekend about the beauty of having time with no obligations. It's a difficult concept to wrap our American brains around. Time with nothing else pushing in on it. Just raw time. Naked and free. Time to fill with walking, thinking, writing, coffee, or whatever else we want.

It's space. Latitude. Room to move.

That kind of time must be scheduled. You and I have to do that scheduling. Otherwise, all of the sprites of timesuck will suck away all the time. And we'll continue running from one meeting to the next. One event leads to another event leads to another thing leads to another meeting leads to another ad infinitum. Then we die.

That's not how I want to live my life.

Yesterday, I was introduced to Sean McCabe is on a mission to get every company in the world to pay their employees to take every seventh week off.

I love this.

Follow his journey. Yesterday's post is brilliant.

Better yet, join his journey. This is important stuff.

Begin the discipline of scheduling time for nothing.