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Trust is Tricksy

It's possible for the Measurers and the Visionaries to not only work together but to thrive. But thriving only happens in an atmosphere of trust.

Trust, earned and practiced.

But, trust can be a tricksy and elusive creature, maneuvering and manipulating its way to out of reach places.

In reality, trust is essential for teams to function. Lack of trust equates to dysfunction and disorder. The fibers of alignment between the Measurers and the Visionaries is trust.

Building trust in an organization can be a long and arduous process. Because the organizational trust-building process is nuanced and dependent on so many factors outside of your control, this process is difficult. At times impossible.

But be at peace with all people, as much as it depends on you. There are factors in trust-building that only depend on you. I think there are four of them.

Walk in integrity

Integrity is a popular word to stick in a list of core values. But it's the one cliche you can't ignore. Be the same person to all people. If you treat the Visionaries different from the Measurers, or the white coats different from the blue coats, all sides lose confidence in you. Be consistent with your values. Always.

Ask for help

"Could I get your help on this?" breaks down more walls than we know. Our American tendency is independence. Help is something we give, not something we ask for. Yet, asking for help gives dignity to the giver. It's humbling for the recipient. The very act of asking means a willingness to grant dignity to the person who might find you combative by nature. This builds trust.

Ask for advice

There's a similar dignity/humility exchange when asking for advice. Because asking, by it's very nature, requires listening. Listening is the key to understanding. Understanding is the foundation of trust.

Provide enormous value (and recognize the value of others) Work to provide value. If you're a Measurer, provide all the value you can possibly muster. And recognize the incredible value of the Visionary. And reverse that, if you're a Visionary.

Under-promise, Over-deliver

Because the opposite is a no-win situation and a sure-fire formula for organizational disaster. There is no faster way to erode trust than to consistently fall short of promises. People may be tolerant of it. They won't say a thing. But the internal dialogue will be, "I can't trust this person." You will become an organizational super-star if you consistently go beyond what you promise.

Trust is tricksy. And incredibly valuable.

When the Measurers and the Visionaries trust each other, it's much easier to reach alignment. When the Measurers and the Visionaries are aligned, look out. The world will change.