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There Is Only One President (and it's probably not you)

You could grow up to be president someday.

That's what kids are told.

But let's get real.

There can only be one president.

The same is true for every leadership position anywhere. One CEO. One boss. One chief. One Director. One Senior Pastor. One head of the department.

In most organizations, there is a way to get to be "the one". It often involves politics, stepping on and over other people, fight, grit, and patience. It's a hard battle to the top. For women and minorities, it can be even more difficult. Glass ceilings are involved. In some industries, that pane is quite thick and tough to shatter. The top office, the president, the CEO, the boss is often not the place of the qualified - but, rather, the lucky. The privileged. The elite. Ultimately, the one.

Here's another frightening and annoying reality:
It is possible to own the highest leadership position in the country (or the corporation) and be a terrible leader.

Don't seek a position. Let go of power and learn to lead.

Position equals power. And leadership is not about power. It is about the subtle art of influence for good.

If you want to lead, stop seeking a position of power and learn to lead from the back.

There can only be one president. In all likelihood, it's not going to be you.