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Know Thyself

I'm a big fan of the Strengthsfinder 2.0 tool, a solid $25 investment in knowing thyself.

The key premise behind this tool is this: you have a unique set of strengths that make you, you. Know those strengths. Work in those strengths. Develop those strengths. Understand the realms you'll operate most naturally inside of.

I am a strategic thinker. I thrive with information and input, planning and strategy.

Of the 34 key strength realms, I operate at my worst in the execution quadrant. (Apparently, my particular profile is about 7% of the population.)

There are two things I can do about this.

  1. Work hard on my weaknesses. Put systems into place to help with execution. Study and practice "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" (which I do recommend to anyone who reads this blog). Work hard to shore up the weaknesses.
  2. Work with people whose strengths are on the execution side. Be a team.

Not a single one of us should shrug at the things we don't do well and walk away. I am a strong believer in and advocate of getting better. Because if we don't "get better", personal development is a sham, and we're all living adrift in a sea of hopelessness, with some of us strategizing ourselves (and everyone around us) to death. Others are executing on half-considered plans leaving a trail of blood and tears in their wake.

What have I found works best between option 1 and option 2?

Some combination of both.