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Free Yourself

There is a definition to personal freedom.

At least, there's one I use. Freedom isn't so much about doing what you want, as much as it's about having the ability to work on important things that are not urgent things. Working on important things that are not urgent things keeps urgency at bay. It allows for much great ability and capacity to think. To breath. To live well. To create. Freedom is about not being constrained and imprisoned by the impulsive. The cruel and beastly taskmaster of the "right now."

The ability to live with space around your work, your life, your friends and family, your soul.

That's freedom.

And we should be working to free ourselves.

There is a process for personal freedom.

It has to do with an essential and disciplined pursuit of less.

It has to do with not holding the whirlwind in your head.

It was to do with the ability to work and think deeply (at the right times, in the right places).

I know there is probably more. But I also know that these three things are critical. (Which is why these three linked tools are critical).

Treat yourself through freeing yourself.